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Have more questions about our Huntsville or Hartselle laundromats? Our FAQ page can answer all your questions about our free washes in Huntsville, self-serve laundry, dry cleaning, professional ironing, wash and fold service, commercial laundry and our other laundry services.  


How do I go about getting an easy card from your Huntsville laundromat? 

Easy Cards are available on-site at our Huntsville laundromat. All you need to do is bring your laundry and some money to load on to the Easy Card. Once you arrive to our Huntsville laundromat you can use one of our two card-reader machines to load cash on to your new Easy Card. If you put $20 on your Easy Card, you will receive $3 in bonus money. This will continue every time your Easy Card accumulates $20 on it. Once money is loaded onto your Easy Card you can use it on the washers and dryers in our facility and you can return to our card-reader machine to check your balance and load more money on to your Easy Card. 

Can I receive free washes at both of your locations?

No, unfortunately our free-wash program is only available at our Huntsville location. Our free-wash program is possible through the use of our card system, and our Hartselle location only has coin operated washers and dryers. 

Does your Huntsville location have coin-operated laundry?

Yes, our Huntsville location has a variety of coin
operated washers and dryers. 

Can I load quarters on to the Easy card, or do I have to bring cash?

Our card machines only accept cash. However, we would be glad to exchange your quarters for cash or run your debit/credit card and provide cash back for a $2 fee. 

I put too much money on my easy card. Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds for money put on Easy Cards. Our card system will remember how much money you have so that you can use your card the next time you return to our Huntsville laundromat, so long as you use your card at least one time per year (balance inquiries count as a use). If you do not plan to be back for a long length of time, we recommend only putting as much money as you think you will need. 

One of your machines took my money. Can I get a refund?

Yes, if it was an error on behalf of the machine. If one of our machines took your money, please fill out a refund request form and leave it in the designated slot. The owner or manager will review your refund request, check our video surveillance, if necessary, and grant you a refund, if appropriate. A refund request typically takes 3-4 business days to fulfill.  

Can I leave my clothes in the washer/dryer during their cycle while I run an errand?

You may leave your clothes unattended while you are not in the building or on the premises. However, our attendant (if on duty at the time) is not responsible for watching your clothes. If you would like to leave your clothes while you are gone, it is at your own risk. 

How long do your washers/dryers take?

This depends on the machine. Our washers take either 23 or 30 minutes and our dryers can vary greatly, but the typical drying time is 30 minutes. 

Do I have to get multiple Easy Cards if I want to start multiple washers and dryers?

No, our Easy Cards are reloadable. Therefore, you can load just the amount of money you need to wash and dry one day, come back another day and use the same Easy Card by simply reloading more money on it. 

Is there a way to stop my washer after it has already started?

Yes, it is possible to stop the silver-colored washers, but not the white-colored washers. In order to stop your washer once it has already started you must press the red emergency stop button to the right-hand side of the machine. Once you press this button, the washer will start beeping and begin draining the water, the washer will stop beeping when it is ready to be opened. You may use the emergency stop twice per washer without losing your time or money. Using the emergency stop three times or more will require you to restart the machine. 

How much soap do I need to put in the washer?

We recommend a quarter to a half a cup of soap per washer. Our washers are high efficiency, meaning they only dispense a certain amount of water for the wash cycle and for the rinse cycle. Therefore, if you overload the washer with soap, your clothes could come out with a residue left on them. 

To keep our Huntsville laundromat clean and safe, we have a few rules.